Our Unique Perspective

Frontrunner Executive Search

Strategic and Customized

Due to the background of our founding CEO rooted in management consulting, Frontrunner’s approach to search is highly consultative and each search and service is customized to suit a given situation and environment. We believe that just like each person is unique and has his/her own characteristics, each organization is unique with its specific needs, flavors, and distinctive culture. We consider the careful identification of these characteristics and cultural traits as necessary to ensure a successful recruitment that adds long-term value to the client.

Right Mindset and Cultural Fit

By identifying and engaging an excellent pool of candidates for every search, we strive to help our clients be productive and generate profitable growth. It is important to us to find people who make their team, and people around them, better and hence improve their organizations overall, no matter what the position. Some universal characteristics that we want to see in candidates, regardless of the opportunity, include strategic insight, openness to change, focus on customer needs, motivational and empowering style, and results-orientation.

Flexible and Adaptable

As management and organizational experts, we understand how your leadership and recruiting needs in different functional areas integrate with your organizational strategy. We provide a highly customized service and adapt to your needs and processes; we do not work on volume but exclusively on quality. We help you define your needs and offer advice and guidance, even if it differs from your views. Due to our small size, we have fewer client conflicts than our larger competitors. We work locally, nationally, and globally; our reach is wide and our international experience is deep.